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"For the Birds"

Cape Ann Web is very pleased to present "For the Birds", a series written by local bird enthusiast and photographer, "Jim B".  Jim orignally posted the series on the Cape Ann Online message board, and has graciously allowed us to publish them here for your enjoyment and reference. Be sure to use the link at the bottom of each page to visit Jim's photo collection.

New!  Jim B has opened a
message board dedicated to the sharing of information about wild birds and the hobby of bird watching. Birders of all levels of experience and any location are cheerfully invited to join in:


Red-winged Blackbird          

Volume 1 (March 2002)


American Robin

Volume 2 (April 2002)

Yellow Warbler

Volume 3 (May 2002)


Volume 4 (June 2002)


Volume 5 (July 2002)

Volume 6 (October 2002)

House Finch

Volume 7 (November 2002)

Common Eider

Volume 8 (December 2002)

Jim B’s Online Bird Photos