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Continuing to Look Back ~ Gloucester Taxis
Memories from Peter Todd

In this issue, rather than traveling from corner to corner, we will attempt to seek out the in-between taxis of today and of yesterday. Well let us begin our journey by hailing a ride from the newest company of these...
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Continuing to Look Back ~ Traversing Pleasant & Main Streets
Memories from Peter Todd

At this time we see the corner of Main & Pleasant as a total emptying of store fronts. This corner in years past was one of the busiest in Gloucester. In my time it was Sterlings Drugstore. It was managed...
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Continuing to Look Back ~ Railroad Avenue
Memories from Peter Todd

Well here we are again tracing back on the imprints of my pages of time. With all the work going on and around the Gloucester Depot I have to add my thoughts. First the new building does not look anything...
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Continuing to Look Back ~ Gloucester City Hall
Memories from Peter Todd

I am going to attempt to take you on a City Hall tour. Let us begin our journey from the top. Of course we have the City Hall Bell. While its date I am not sure of, but I do...
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Thankful Blessings
by Peter Todd

10/24/2004 The last of the leaves to fall on the ground With shoppers making ready for long winter nights The children playing and singing of their songs Under the sunlit sky and soft moonlight Preparing and cooking of each Thanksgiving...
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