Kitchen Ceiling Upgrade Tips

The kitchen is your home’s vital staple. If you are looking for ideas to help you upgrade a vital part of your home then here are some tips for you. 

  1. Simple but stylish 

Most homeowners prefer a simple yet stylish kitchen. You can easily achieve this them for your kitchen by putting on a simple flat ceiling that is often seen in regular kitchens. To spice your kitchen up, add some accent lights to complement the simplicity of your kitchen ceiling.  

2. Drop ceiling 

Drop ceiling involves 2 layers of ceiling. Some people called it two tiers but it is professionally known as drop ceiling. This ceiling is famous if you want your kitchen to have simple lighting. This ceiling type hides your lighting and can actually bring a cozier light tone. The downside when it comes to this ceiling type is the maintenance you need because it can be hard to clean up between the two ceiling layers. 

3. Tray ceiling 

Tray ceiling is also common in kitchens. Tray ceiling has a frame like structure that is a good choice for open spaces because it can frame a room in place. It also has 2 layers thus it gives an impression that your kitchen has a higher ceiling. Through this ceiling type, you can also have the chance to be more creative with your lighting because you can add some recessed lights to the outer part of the ceiling and have pendant lights for the middle part.  

4. Vaulted ceiling 

Vaulted ceiling is the best option when it comes having a challenging space for your kitchen. Through this ceiling type you can achieve a much more spacious looking kitchen. Moreover, you can enjoy more of the skylight day and night and greatly brings in more natural light in your home as well.  

5. Beams ceiling 

This ceiling idea is for those of you who want to explore the more industrial and modern look for your kitchen. This ceiling has exposed beams thus giving you an unfinished ceiling look that fives a both chic and very stylish look.  

There are so many other ideas that you can incorporate in your kitchen to make it more functional and creative at the same time. Materials can vary when it comes to designing or choosing you kitchen ceiling too. These materials can include drywall, wooden boards or beams, glass and ceiling tiles. These materials differ when it comes to variety in color and texture however one most common type that is widely used in ceiling whether it is for your kitchen or for the entirety of your home is drywall. Drywall can help you achieve that a creative and colorful kitchen just as easily as achieving a clean and simple yet stylish look for your kitchen. It can also be used for your bathrooms as it has several types that even offer water resistant properties. If you are interested in investing in drywall for your ceiling needs, drywall installation Kelowna of Kelowna drywall services can freely help you with your concern. Connect with them today!