Babson Boulders at Dogtown Common, Gloucester, MA

Millionaire philanthropist Roger W. Babson hired immigrant stone cutters to inscribe boulders in Dogtown Common with words of inspiration during the era of the Great Depression. In addition, numbers were inscribed on rocks near some of the old Dogtown Common settlement sites to identify their location in respect to a guide that was put out on the area.

Visit the following sites to see some photographs of the inscriptions:

Biking Dogtown

Dogtown Pictures, Postcards, Paintings presented by North Shore Community College

Favorite Dogtown site:  Dogtown and the Babson Boulders - Great photos, including vintage photos of the boulders circa 1935, stories, history and a fabulous map that includes GPS coordinates.

The wonderful people at the Babson College Archives provided us with this copy of the map below. The map is not signed nor sourced, cautions the archivist:

Dogtown Map

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