How to Keep Your Piano Safe When Moving

Having a piano when you are moving houses can be challenging. Before you consider trying to move it yourself, you need to consider the consequences of doing it alone. Your piano may need to pass through your stairs and it can be difficult to do a one man show if this is the case. To make sure your piano is safely transported without any damages, here are some helpful tips to get you through the challenge. 

  1. Ask for help 

It is already a given that pianos are heavy however it can also be a tough situation to handle fitting its shape on your staircase. Pianos have a very heavy upper body and weak legs thus it needs more than a single person to lift it successfully.  

It is wise to have a minimum of 4 people to move your piano successfully. Through this dilemma, it is best to ask help from your family or friends nearby.  

2. Equipment 

Having the right equipment when moving something heavy is necessary for safety. Some straps that are heavy duty are incredibly helpful to handle the weight of the piano, moreover, it is also a great way to keep your piano secure. If you are looking for people to handle your piano move for you, moving companies Airdrie can be connected with through and the best choice. 

3. Protect your piano keyboard 

When you are moving your piano, be sure to close and make sure to lock your keyboard in place. Doing this ensures that you prevent the keyboard lid from opening when in the process of moving. The keys in your piano are fragile and in need of special precaution. If you have a keyboard lid with no lock just make sure that you close the lid properly. Take note that using a tape to secure the keyboard lid is not a good advice as it can bring damage to the surface of your piano.  

4. Wrap your piano 

If you have a padding or blanket that’s big enough for your piano, wrap your piano with it. Use a packing tape to secure the blanket or padding in place, make sure to specially remember to protect the corners of your piano as well. A padding with more cushion is preferable to protect your piano when bumped.  

5. Lifting your piano in position 

As it has been said earlier, the upper part of the piano is heavier than its legs thus make sure that when your piano is lifted into position for moving, you are not lifting the piano’s whole weight through its legs. The legs of your piano are more fragile than you can imagine so always make sure that you position it in an upright manner to protect its mechanics while making sure you have people supporting the upper body of the piano as well.  

6. Securing It in the truck 

When transporting your piano in a truck make sure yo position it right next to the panel separating the trucks interior and cargo space. Also, have some planks prepared to make sure your piano is on a flat surface. Through positioning your piano this way, you are relieving your piano legs of pressure.  

7. Moving in 

When your moving your piano in a new location, ensure that you already have in mind where to exactly put it. Positioning it against a wall keeps it more secure and protected from cold.  

8. Get your piano tuned 

Moving your piano can cause movements to the mechanics inside of it thus ensure that you have it tuned to keep it sounding perfectly.  

Kitchen Ceiling Upgrade Tips

The kitchen is your home’s vital staple. If you are looking for ideas to help you upgrade a vital part of your home then here are some tips for you. 

  1. Simple but stylish 

Most homeowners prefer a simple yet stylish kitchen. You can easily achieve this them for your kitchen by putting on a simple flat ceiling that is often seen in regular kitchens. To spice your kitchen up, add some accent lights to complement the simplicity of your kitchen ceiling.  

2. Drop ceiling 

Drop ceiling involves 2 layers of ceiling. Some people called it two tiers but it is professionally known as drop ceiling. This ceiling is famous if you want your kitchen to have simple lighting. This ceiling type hides your lighting and can actually bring a cozier light tone. The downside when it comes to this ceiling type is the maintenance you need because it can be hard to clean up between the two ceiling layers. 

3. Tray ceiling 

Tray ceiling is also common in kitchens. Tray ceiling has a frame like structure that is a good choice for open spaces because it can frame a room in place. It also has 2 layers thus it gives an impression that your kitchen has a higher ceiling. Through this ceiling type, you can also have the chance to be more creative with your lighting because you can add some recessed lights to the outer part of the ceiling and have pendant lights for the middle part.  

4. Vaulted ceiling 

Vaulted ceiling is the best option when it comes having a challenging space for your kitchen. Through this ceiling type you can achieve a much more spacious looking kitchen. Moreover, you can enjoy more of the skylight day and night and greatly brings in more natural light in your home as well.  

5. Beams ceiling 

This ceiling idea is for those of you who want to explore the more industrial and modern look for your kitchen. This ceiling has exposed beams thus giving you an unfinished ceiling look that fives a both chic and very stylish look.  

There are so many other ideas that you can incorporate in your kitchen to make it more functional and creative at the same time. Materials can vary when it comes to designing or choosing you kitchen ceiling too. These materials can include drywall, wooden boards or beams, glass and ceiling tiles. These materials differ when it comes to variety in color and texture however one most common type that is widely used in ceiling whether it is for your kitchen or for the entirety of your home is drywall. Drywall can help you achieve that a creative and colorful kitchen just as easily as achieving a clean and simple yet stylish look for your kitchen. It can also be used for your bathrooms as it has several types that even offer water resistant properties. If you are interested in investing in drywall for your ceiling needs, drywall installation Kelowna of Kelowna drywall services can freely help you with your concern. Connect with them today! 

Dishwasher Problems and Repair

There are certain problems in a dishwasher that you can freely do yourself. The first thing in keeping your appliance running smoothly is through understanding its mechanism. Your dishwasher actually does a simple job. It heats up water, sprays water on the dishes you put in while having a detergent dispense from it as well, provides a second rinse to your dishes and have its heating dry your dishes for finishing. If you think your dishwasher is acting up out of a sudden, make sure you check these critical areas because the core functions are actually the parts that needs repair often. To help you understand what I mean, here are some common problems you may have encountered and how you can better handle them next time.  

  1. Overflowing dishwasher 

The float assembly is located somewhere in your dishwasher basin. It is shaped like a saucer that rises when the water in your dishwasher rises. If your water rises to a certain point or height the floater will signal your dishwasher to stop filling water however if your floater is having troubles then perhaps that’s why you have an overflow problem. With the floater having a problem on its floating mechanism, your dishwasher will fail to get the signal it needs when to stop filling water. What you can easily do is to unstuck your floater manually and replace it as soon as possible.  

2. Leaking dishwasher door 

Your dishwasher has been designed as a sealed equipment because it handles water and heat. If you are having problems on your dishwasher doors leaking, then maybe your dishwasher seal is not holding as great anymore and needs replacement. Start by checking your dishwasher door if there are obstructions that are present, if not, it surely is the seal problem. As everything wears out with time, your tub gasket can too. Your tub gasket is the one responsible in sealing your dishwasher in place. You can also try and clean your dishwasher door and if it does the trick then maybe your dishwasher has not been cleaned recently. If all else fail, have your seal repaired or replaced.  

3. Dishwasher Is Not Draining 

When you experience a problem with draining then something must be blocking your draining system. You can try and check your drain for possible blockages you can easily remove by yourself if not you can check the drain tube of your dishwasher. Check the drain tube for any kinks. You can also try checking your filter as well. Clear the filter of your dishwasher to get rid of blockages.  

4. Dishwasher Is Not Drying the Dishes 

After you put your dishwasher in full cycle, you notice that your dishes are not really dried, then maybe it is because of the heating system in your dishwasher. The part responsible of drying your dishes is located on the bottom part of your dishwasher. If you are having problems with this part, you can easily replace it with an affordable replacement part. Grab your wrench and unscrew the nuts that are usually made of plastic, remove your heating element and put your replacement in instead.  

If you are slightly intimidated by the processes you need to follow, never hesitate to ask for help from a professional. appliance repair Airdrie is your great choice! 

Making Your Deck in A Good Condition

It is very hard for some to make sure that the deck that they installed last summer will still be useful in the coming days and months especially that most of the members are very busy. It is fine that you would think this way since you have wasted some of your money in order to make this one even better. I like to emphasize here that you didn’t spend some money only here but the fact that the effort of the installer and the contractor was used also here. Most of us would pick and get the deck contractors unlike for some people living in the countryside that they are going to find a way to build this one on their own.  

If you want to make the place even more beautiful as time passes by, you need to consider the fact that you will keep it clean and nice. Although it may sound pretty hard and difficult to manage, you can hire others to do it for you and they will make sure that they can come up with something that you are aiming here. Others would make an excuse that they don’t like to clean it during the winter days because it is very cold. There are times that the weather is harsh and you are having a hard time to make things better.  

Here are some of the tips that you can actually do in order to help you with the maintenance of the deck.  

You need to spare some time in order to keep the place of your house clean. It is the same thing that you need to do with your deck since it is your responsibility. You can scrub or mop this one every morning or every weekend just to maintain. Make sure to remove the dirt from the railings, too. It will help you to keep the place free from dirt and the virus. It is important as well that you would not use bleach in your deck as it may change the color and it is not going to be good to see.  

If there are some problems with your deck, then you need to repair this one right away so that it would not cause any serious damages around the deck. Some of the sings could be the moving railings or the screws are not that tight. You can call a professional person in order to help you with this one. Doing it on your own may lead to more and serious troubles in the coming days.  

When there are some signs that the wooden pole of the deck is starting to rot, then you need to replace this one with a new one or a concrete pole. It is a good idea as well that you will hire someone to check the deck from time to time like monthly. In this manner, you can assure that the deck will always be in a nice condition and avoid spending too much money for repairs.