Dishwasher Problems and Repair

There are certain problems in a dishwasher that you can freely do yourself. The first thing in keeping your appliance running smoothly is through understanding its mechanism. Your dishwasher actually does a simple job. It heats up water, sprays water on the dishes you put in while having a detergent dispense from it as well, provides a second rinse to your dishes and have its heating dry your dishes for finishing. If you think your dishwasher is acting up out of a sudden, make sure you check these critical areas because the core functions are actually the parts that needs repair often. To help you understand what I mean, here are some common problems you may have encountered and how you can better handle them next time.  

  1. Overflowing dishwasher 

The float assembly is located somewhere in your dishwasher basin. It is shaped like a saucer that rises when the water in your dishwasher rises. If your water rises to a certain point or height the floater will signal your dishwasher to stop filling water however if your floater is having troubles then perhaps that’s why you have an overflow problem. With the floater having a problem on its floating mechanism, your dishwasher will fail to get the signal it needs when to stop filling water. What you can easily do is to unstuck your floater manually and replace it as soon as possible.  

2. Leaking dishwasher door 

Your dishwasher has been designed as a sealed equipment because it handles water and heat. If you are having problems on your dishwasher doors leaking, then maybe your dishwasher seal is not holding as great anymore and needs replacement. Start by checking your dishwasher door if there are obstructions that are present, if not, it surely is the seal problem. As everything wears out with time, your tub gasket can too. Your tub gasket is the one responsible in sealing your dishwasher in place. You can also try and clean your dishwasher door and if it does the trick then maybe your dishwasher has not been cleaned recently. If all else fail, have your seal repaired or replaced.  

3. Dishwasher Is Not Draining 

When you experience a problem with draining then something must be blocking your draining system. You can try and check your drain for possible blockages you can easily remove by yourself if not you can check the drain tube of your dishwasher. Check the drain tube for any kinks. You can also try checking your filter as well. Clear the filter of your dishwasher to get rid of blockages.  

4. Dishwasher Is Not Drying the Dishes 

After you put your dishwasher in full cycle, you notice that your dishes are not really dried, then maybe it is because of the heating system in your dishwasher. The part responsible of drying your dishes is located on the bottom part of your dishwasher. If you are having problems with this part, you can easily replace it with an affordable replacement part. Grab your wrench and unscrew the nuts that are usually made of plastic, remove your heating element and put your replacement in instead.  

If you are slightly intimidated by the processes you need to follow, never hesitate to ask for help from a professional. appliance repair Airdrie is your great choice!